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Blog 2: Creating The Concept

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Oliver S. Milburn

If you’re going to make a micro-budget movie there are three things that you must do:

  1. Write a good script – for me the script is still the most important part of a film.
  2. Write a script within your means – no spaceships or monsters (unless you’re Gareth Edwards and can do that stuff), a very small number of locations and preferably a very small number of cast.
  3. Decide – very broadly, the borders are always blurred – whether you’re making something that is radically different or a commercial product.

The third was the problem. Do you make some enigmatic piece that’ll baffle the general public, turn heads at festivals and make less than your budget? Or do you try to make a solid, stylish genre film with a decent shot at distribution and a steady pace at which to start your career. (more…)